Reading Eggs App Store – Where Children Learn on the Go!

Extending our popular reading program, Reading Eggs, we now have a range of educational apps to ensure your child can learn on the go. Whether they are at home, on holiday, in the car or even at their grandparents, we’ve got apps that make learning fun!

We have already released our sight words app, Eggy Words, along with our new spelling app, Reading Eggs Spelling. And this is only the beginning as the educational team develop and build many more apps to assist your child…watch this space!

For more information about each app click on the icons below.

Eggy Times Tables

Ages 5-10

  • For iPad, iPhone and Android
  • Suitable for ages 5-10
  • 5 highly interactive games

Eggy Numbers

Ages 1-10

  • Counting skills
  • Number recognition
  • For the iPad and iPhone

Eggy Alphabet

Ages 3+

  • Learn all 26 letters
  • 208 activities
  • For Apple and Android

Eggy Nursery Rhymes

Ages 3+

  • 10 Nursery Rhymes
  • Includes sing along
  • For the iPad and iPhone

Eggy Words

Ages 3+

  • Counting Skills
  • Number recognition
  • For the iPad and iPhone

Reading Eggs Spelling

Ages 6-12

  • 10 Interactive games
  • Develops vocabulary
  • For the iPad

Targeting Maths

Ages 6-9

  • Phonics and comprehension
  • Features voice playback
  • For the iPad

Eggy Phonics

Ages 3+

  • Multisensory phonics games
  • Learn 100 short vowel words
  • For the iPad

Eggy Vocabulary

Ages 3+

  • Learn 252 words
  • 7 destinations to explore
  • For the iPad

Eggy Add to 20

Ages 4–7

  • 6 unique games
  • Develops addition skills
  • For iPad and iPhone

If you have any questions about our apps, please email us at

“My 4 year old daughter had never really shown much interest in math until I subscribed to the Mathseeds program. The progress she has made in just a short time is incredible and she is now counting fluently as well as doing basic addition. Maddie absolutely loves the lessons and the Mathseeds characters. Thank you so much for creating this fantastic program!” – Sue
“I am the parent of a five year old, as well as a Kindergarten teacher. I am so grateful to have finally found an online math program that engages young children and actually teaches them at the same time. The lessons are really well written and the animations are fantastic. I would love to use this program with my Kindergarten class. Thank you.” – Jackie
“My son can’t wait to log on to Mathseeds each day. He has even asked if we can take the iPad with us each time we go shopping so that he can play Mathseeds in the car on the way! Jaden loves collecting the golden acorns and watching the critters hatch at the end of each lesson. They are so cute!” – Krista
“Fantastic, the kids love it and are learning. And I love that they can play on the iPad.” – Evan
“At first I was worried that my son was having too much fun and would not actually be learning! But his math is coming along amazingly. And he is begging me to play! Thank you Mathseeds team.” – Patrick
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