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General Information

What is Mathseeds?

Mathseeds is a highly motivating, interactive Web-based program for students in Kindergarten through Grade 2. At its core is a teaching and learning sequence of over 140 lessons where students learn key concepts in mathematics through guided lessons, exploration, and practice.

Who is Mathseeds for?

Mathseeds teaches students in grades K–3 the core math and problem-solving skills needed to be successful at school through fun, highly interactive, and rewarding lessons. The program begins at an absolute beginner level, so students need no prior knowledge to start.

Who created the Mathseeds program?

Mathseeds was developed by the same team that created the hugely popular and highly successful reading program Reading Eggs. With over 25 years’ experience in creating high-quality math resources, our experienced team of teachers, educational writers, animators, and web developers are passionate about making every child’s learning experience fun, effective, and successful.

What content is covered on the Mathseeds website?

The lessons build mathematical skills in number, counting and operations, as well as algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and probability. The content is sequenced to ensure it is in line with current educational pedagogy and mandated curriculum documents including Provincial Standards.

How is Mathseeds different from other math programs?

Mathseeds has been created specifically for the needs of early math learners. Designed to ensure key concepts are learned in depth, this greatly improves long term retention. Mathseeds understands young learners need to be engaged and entertained if they are to stay on task.

Does the Mathseeds program meet Province Standards?

Yes. Great care has been taken to ensure each lesson addresses the requirements of K – 3 Math Province Standards. To access correlation charts please visit:

How can I ensure that each student is working at the correct level?

The Mathseeds placement test will place each student at the level that matches their ability. This test is offered to all students when they begin the program. Teachers can also choose the level that students work at within the program. You can change a student’s level at any time.

Can I bundle my Reading Eggs subscription with my Mathseeds subscription?

No, this is not possible. The school edition of Mathseeds is distributed by Blake eLearning. The school edition of Reading Eggs is sold exclusively by Edmentum.

My child’s school is not using Mathseeds. Can I buy it for home use?

Yes, you can purchase a home subscription from the Mathseeds website. Please click here to start a free trial.

How will I know that my students are making progress?

Mathseeds provides automated reporting on each students’ progress and achievements. These can be accessed from your teacher dashboard.

How far does the Mathseeds program go?

Mathseeds is for students in kindergartern through grade 3. Lessons 1-50 cover kindergarten, Lessons 51-100 cover grade 1, lessons 101-150 cover grade 2, and lessons 151-195 cover grade 3. Lessons 196-200 will be added for grade 3 soon.

Are there books to go with the online program?

There are lesson plans and 4 downloadable worksheets for every Mathseeds lesson. The Teacher Toolkit also contains e-books, posters, and a range of other useful resources.

Do I need to sit with my students for every lesson?

No, Mathseeds is an online program that students can work on at school or at home. Students find it easy to navigate and can use the program independently. The placement test ensures each student is working at a level that matches their current ability.

Why do students love it?

Students learn while having fun with vibrant animations, playful songs and exciting rewards. The one-on-one lessons are matched to students' abilities, allowing them to grow their abilities and really enjoy math as they learn.

Does Mathseeds cater for individual learning styles?

Yes, Mathseeds is designed to appeal to different learning styles and multiple intelligences. The program’s content and variety allow all students the opportunity to engage in mathematical learning.

How does the Mathseeds program keep students on task?

Mathseeds lessons and activities encourage students to make connections between their real-world experience and mathematical thinking. New skills and concepts are taught in a context that is relevant, familiar, and interesting. This promotes active engagement and helps students remain focused and on task. Mathseeds also rewards students in a variety of ways, which keeps them motivated to keep learning.

How are Mathseeds lessons structured?

All Mathseeds lessons follow a similar structure. Each lesson focuses on a particular mathematical competency, with instructional lessons followed by student practice. Skills are reinforced with nine different activities per lesson and an e-book that reviews the lesson’s key concepts. Students are rewarded with golden acorns and a new pet that hatches at the end of every lesson.

Why does Mathseeds reward student progress?

Rewards reinforce existing learning and encourage new learning to occur. The brain responds favorably to rewards, making the student feel good and motivated to continue with the task. Mathseeds utilizes a variety of reward systems that are age-appropriate and highly motivating. Motivation plays a key role in learning, and Mathseeds provides both intrinsic and extrinsic motivational rewards in order to produce total satisfaction.

How do I purchase a Mathseeds subscription?

If you are not already on a free trial you will need to call our friendly customer service team on +1 877 467 6851 or sign up via

Will my class’s progress be retained when my school purchases a subscription?

Yes, your students’ progress will be retained when your school purchases an online subscription.

Technical Information

Is Mathseeds iPad compatible?

Yes, you can use Mathseeds on iPad and iPhone. For more information, please read our full technical requirements.

Is Mathseeds Android compatible?

Yes, you can use Mathseeds on Android devices. For more information, please read our full technical requirements.

I can’t hear the site audio on my Galaxy Tab 3.

Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome on your tablet. Open the Chrome browser and type chrome://flags on the address bar and press enter. Scroll down and look for "Enable WebAudio." Enable it and relaunch the browser.

I have to reset my password every time I log in.

If you have tried to reset your password and you need to reset each time you log in, you may have the correct password but the wrong username. Your username is recorded in the email that is sent when you reset your Mathseeds account password.

How do I reset my students' passwords?

Log in to your teacher dashboard. Click Manage Class and click Edit a Student, fill in the new password and click Update Student.

Who do I call if I need technical help?

If you are still having problems, you can call our Customer Care team at +1 877 467 6851.

Technical requirements

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Troubleshooting tips

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Lessons Activities and Games Information

What is the Playroom?

The Playroom is a section for young students who are just starting to learn the very basics. The next stage is the lesson maps. The Playroom consists of fun interactive activities.

How do students put the furniture that they bought from the shop into the Mathseeds Treehouse?

Go to the Treehouse and click the blue arrow pointing up. Once on the next floor, press the plus sign (+). Choose your item by dragging it into position.

What is an avatar?

An avatar is an online character that students can make their own.

How can I change my avatar’s appearance?

To change an avatar’s appearance, students simply need to log in to their account and navigate to "My Avatar" option. They will be able to select a variety of items in the change room. They have lots of free items to choose from as well as extra accessories, they can buy from the Shop. To pay for these items, they will need "golden acorns," which they earn by completing lessons and puzzles. They need to visit the shop and buy these items before they go to the change room.

Why do students create their own character?

All students are is unique and they can express this by creating their own online character, their avatar. This quirky acorn-based character welcomes them back every time they return. This avatar is their very own creation and students can change this character as often as they like.

Why is there a Pet collection?

After each lesson, students are rewarded with a great new Mathseeds Pet to add to their Treehouse. This collection continues to grow as they complete more lessons. Students love collecting, and our cute Pets are fun to watch and fun to collect.

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