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Mathseeds is an interactive web-based program that incorporates a huge range of highly structured, effective, research-based activities. It combines rigorous learning with high-interest activities, taking into consideration the needs, learning styles, and future direction of learners in the 21st century. Mathseeds has been built on best practices in pedagogical research alongside core curriculum initiatives, creating a program that is both educationally sound and highly motivating.

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We asked teachers what they felt about Mathseeds and the results are as follows:


98% of teachers shared they would recommend Mathseeds to other teachers.


Over 90% of teachers shared that Mathseeds complements their classroom math lessons.


70% of teachers shared that Mathseeds met the needs of their students.

Since April 2015, Mathseeds has begun serving:




What educators are saying:

It is very interactive and makes learning fun! I love that I can also search and find lessons that cover the skills I am currently teaching so that I can show my kids on the Smart Board. My kids also enjoy that within one lesson there are a variety of different math skills.
Claire M
Wahl-Coates Elementary, NC
When first starting my students on Mathseeds, I immediately saw engagement and enthusiasm due to the high level of motivating tools that are on Mathseeds. This program is by far one of the best that we have tried in our classroom, and the level of excitement and willingness to learn and work that comes out of my students really shows how well put together this program really is!
Lyndsey C
William Henry Middle School, DE
Mathseeds is an incredible program that not only assists struggling scholars to develop the necessary skills in a fun and engaging way, but it helps to differentiate and strengthen skills for scholars who have already mastered taught skills.
Jomayra T
Title I Coordinator
BelovED Community Charter School, NJ